Milestone achieved: 10,000 hours of operation


EdiLog’s very first log stacker has reached an important milestone: 10,000 hours of work. The investment at SCA Östrand’s pulp mill have gone according to plan for the client, Engbergs transportsystem AB, which has attracted interest from other forestry companies.

The greatly improved operator’s environment is the biggest gain with the upgrade from traditional log stackers.

“Our operators appreciate the marked difference in the sound environment, the reduced vibrations and the fact that EdiLog has other visibility possibilities. The driving experience is more comfortable overall”, says Thomas Johansson, CEO of Engbergs transportsystem AB.

The client, SCA, has recognised EdiLog as an innovation fully in line with the Group’s sustainability goals – to create a fossil-free value chain. The outcome for both reduced fuel consumption and increased capacity with the larger grapple, which handles one complete load of wood load at a time is consistent with the calculations. The powertrain in the hybrid truck has also exceeded expectations.

“It has worked very well and the engine has proved unproblematic. An initial worry was that there were no problems at all, despite this being our very first machine. We have now exceeded the expected levels and, among other things, identified incorrectly constructed wheels that have been replaced”, sums up Kjell Arne Engberg, founder of EdiLog.