Fuel cost has skyrocketed

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Due to the fuel prizes, we will share the knowledge we have gained with our extensive measuring of EdiLog. The most common way to measure fuel consumption is litre per hour. It has its drawbacks. If idling is decreased, litre per hour will increase though total fuel consumption will decrease. On delivered EdiLog machines we have a span between approx. … Read More

EdiLog increases production rate and development focus in new premises


EdiLog has moved into a completely new production facility in Timrå. The premises have been adapted to the smallest detail to build and develop the next generation of log stackers in the most efficient way possible. The 1,500 square metre building houses everything from workshops and warehousing to office and space for digital monitoring of log stackers in production over … Read More

Milestone achieved: 10,000 hours of operation


EdiLog’s very first log stacker has reached an important milestone: 10,000 hours of work. The investment at SCA Östrand’s pulp mill have gone according to plan for the client, Engbergs transportsystem AB, which has attracted interest from other forestry companies.
 The greatly improved operator’s environment is the biggest gain with the upgrade from traditional log stackers. “Our operators appreciate the … Read More

Sounds of Silence

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There are many challenges we are going through when building NextGen Logstackers. Of various kind. In this video we are trying to record silence, or more rightfully the difference in noise between a conventional logstacker and an EdiLog. Let’s listen.


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For you potential customers that have an Tiger or Mantsinen logstacker we have made some coarse calculations. By chosing to upgrade your present logstacker to an EdiLog RfS 34 you will decrease your carbondioxide footprint with approx 150 tons(based on data from SSAB). Good for the environment and your wallet.

1 year

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It’s been slightly more than a year since EdiLog EL34 lifted the first bundle of logs. We have evoked great interest among potential customers, from several perspectives. Reduced operating costs, improved environmental performance and a work environment that are industry-leading. These attributes have meant that we have had more than 100 visitors over the past year so get in line … Read More


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We are back after summer vacation and excited to get back to work, building the next generation of logstackers!

Ljungby Maskin

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Founder of Ljungby Maskin met the founder of EdiLog and their respective next generation.