The operator’s environment

Sara EngbergUncategorized

The driving environment must be safe, good and well-rounded. We want it to feel like coming home when running an EdiLog. To accomplish that we have designed the following way.

A slightly narrower front window. This way we can lay the cab’s A-post so that it lies behind the lifting cylinders. We have moved the windscreen wiper so that it is located in the top of the windshield. Then the wiper blades sweep further down so that the sight when unloading is not obscured. We have developed a completely new windshield for the truck that is so strong against impacts and bumps that grids are an option.

Almost all settings on the machine are done with a 10 inch touch display, except emergency stop and extinguishing equipment. Heat, ventilation and cooling are controlled via the 10 inch display. We have developed a package that can deliver 10 kW heat and 7 kW cooling. To help cool the cabin we have tinted side windows. An additional 15-inch touch screen is available for viewing cameras etc. There is also the driver’s manual.

For long workouts, listening to music or perhaps an audio book may be relaxing. We put a lot of energy into the sound of an EdiLog. What about a media player with AUX, Bluetooth, USB connected to an end-stage running an active subwoofer and four speakers. It is possible to play loudly, but we want to deliver a clear clean sound. Maybe a bit better than home.